WooThemes Forks Jigoshop and they brag about it

WooThemes openly admits and celebrates the Forking of Jigoshop.

Call me old fashion, but I have an issue with this.

Where are the days of coming up with your own original ideas?  Taking the time, energy, blood, sweat and tears and actually building your own product.

But of course, open source makes it so easy to simply “steal” someone’s idea and hard work.  And justifying it by hiding under the umbrella of open source and “legal” forking.

“On the matter of forking, the Jargon File says:”

Forking is considered a Bad Thing—not merely because it implies a lot of wasted effort in the future, but because forks tend to be accompanied by a great deal of strife and acrimony between the successor groups over issues of legitimacy, succession, and design direction. There is serious social pressure against forking. (Emphasis added)

Where is the outrage?

I am sad and sick we are not seeing outrage from anyone on this.  The Woo community is giving a resonding “great news” in the comments in Woo’s post on their forking of Jigoshop.  Doesn’t anyone else see an issue or a problem with this?

And finally, right before I hit the publish button, this comment comes into Woo’s post:

So let me get this straight.

You guys failed at developing your own WooCommerce solution. Attempting numerous times to outsource the development (mistake #1) to developers who didn’t really know a lick about ecommerce (mistake #2).

So instead of creating your own solution you’ve decided to copy someone else’s product outright and release it as your own?

Then just for good measure you decided to hire away the developers who worked on that product for the other company?

You do realize this is going to screw JigoWatt and their JigoShop product, correct? On what planet is this commendable? I guess if you can’t built it yourself, you might as well steal it, eh?

This is a perfect example of the GPL gone wrong. This isn’t a fork of a free plugin to create a another free plugin. This is one of the largest commercial WordPress developers forking another commercial WordPress developers hard work for their own commercial gain.

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

Is it really this simple to just “steal” someones hard work and copy it just because it is open source?  And yes, I used the word steal.  Call it forking if you want and if that makes you feel better. And if that helps you justify what you are doing WooThemes.

Who or what is next for the Woo forking machine?  WooForms, WooBackup, WooBuddy, iWooThemes, WooPress75, WooStudio, WooThesis WooAllure, WooOrganic or WooWay?

Surely this is not the future of WordPress product development.

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