Why I won’t follow someone on twitter

91C4475B-9569-4109-A627-5E6D3F712457.jpgIf there is one question I get asked often about twitter it is this; “why would you not follow someone on twitter?” I usually try to give them a list of reason. Just the other day, SEOptimise had a great list called, “Top 10 Knock Out Criteria Why I Won’t Follow You Back on Twitter.” I liked the list so much, I am providing it for you below.

If you are one of those on twitter who have some of these problems, you need to make changes in your twitter habits. If you don’t, you are going to have a very hard time building a good twitter community.

  • No avatar image, I will assume you’re a spammer or not serious about Twitter
  • Logo instead of avatar, unless I know you or am a user of your product or fan already
  • No homepage link as I have no way to know whether I’m interested in you
  • Just company name and no person behind it unless I’m already a fan, client or work with you
  • Twice as many following than followers as it seems that you aren’t popular among those you follow
  • No description of yourself, as I don’t know who you are and why I should follow you then
  • Not tweeting in English, or more than 50% non-English as I don’t understand or if I do my followers won’t
  • Below 50 followers as I assume there is no real commitment on your side
  • Newest tweet older than a week or no regular tweets at all because you appear to be inactive
  • Too sexy and too young female or celebrity avatar, as of course I don’t believe you that it’s you

If any of you have other reasons why you might not follow someone, please leave a comment here so we can keep the conversation going.

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