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D045F98E-4B68-4267-8564-5E50B77EC7AC.jpgChris Moander attorney and principle in the Moander Law FIrm and publisher of Wisconsin Business Law and Litigation was recently featured in an article on the Wisconsin Law Journal. The article was titled, Attorney is a twitter about online networking resource.

Chris has been on twitter for a while and he is one of those I follow and we carry on conversations there too. What is key about Chris is the fact he is using twitter the right way. To network and to get involved in the conversations which are occurring on twitter.

He has also used Twitter to acquaint himself to people he’d like to know professionally. For example, he might have noticed that a particular business owner also follows someone that Moander follows, or posts a link to an article on a topic of interest. He sends the business owner an introductory e-mail, mentions the shared contact or interest, and asks to meet for lunch. Most times, the business owner accepts (especially if he or she is under 40 and grew up being comfortable with technology, like Moander). At the face-to-face meeting, they discover mutual connections and ways to help each other. Those kinds of meetings have led to legal representations.

This story highlights what even a professional service provider can accomplish by using a social media tool like twitter the right way.

Moander went on to say, “[i]t’s an oversimplification to assume that Twitter is just people talking about their mundane daily activities. It’s a library. It’s a professional diary. And, it’s a research tool. People post questions or articles, they look for referrals, and they share ideas.”

You can follow Chris at @moanderlawfirm and watch how to use twitter one of the right ways. Chris and I have visited by all means available. From phone to instant message. And I have to say, he is one of those individuals who gets it. Chris understands how to use social media, from blogging, Linkedin and twitter to connect with his target and build relationships.

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