How to Use twitter as a Lawyer – Who Should I follow – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we gave a very brief introduction to twitter in How to use twitter as a lawyer – Part 1. In Part 2 I want to discuss how you decide who you should follow in twitter.

Once you sign up for and open your account in twitter, you are going to be lonely if you are not following anyone and no one is following you. To begin with, you need to follow to get followed. However, you don’t want to follow just anyone.

As I mentioned in our previous post, twitter = interacting & learning. And we need to pick those we follow so we can accomplish that. First of all as a lawyer, you have a great list which has bee started for you of those in the legal profession to check out. 145 lawyers (and legal professionals) to follow on twitter was complied by JD Scoop and contains 249 tweeters you should check out.

Click on one of those contained in the list and check out their twitter home page. And the first one I would recommend is the “list maker” @jdtwitt. When you arrive to his twitter page you should be presented with a link to his Web site and a brief bio. You will see a list of tweets he has posted and you will see his stats.

Twitter _ JDTwitt.jpg

By checking out those items you can see if this person is someone you want to follow. When I am looking to follow someone, I like to check out their blog, which in my opinion there should be a link to it in their profile. Go to the blog and see if they talk about issues, topics or other things that might interest you. Chance are if they do, they will also twitter about those same things.

Read though some of their tweets. See what they do tweet about. Do their tweets add to a conversation or do they just “spam” twitter with self promotion items.

Than I would look to their “stats” in twitter. How many follows do they have and how many are they following. While there will be some who you check out that will have more followings than followers, don’t follow someone with stats as indicated below. This person is clearly a twitter spammer.

Twitter _ donnasassy.jpg

Twitter apps that help you find followers

Another way to find tweeters you want to follow is to search them out. There are a number of applications which have come out over the last few months and weeks just for twitter. One such application is Twellow. As they say on the site, Twellow helps you “cut through the clutter.” You can use it to find “real” people who are talking about things that matter to you. It is for the most part a search tool. And it is FREE. Which is the case for most of the tools you will use with twitter.

Next is Twitter Search. It is just that, a search tool where you can search for anything being said on twitter. It actually looks a lot like Google’s generic search page when you first open it up. Just type in a search request and it will find a string of conversations on that topic. Check out the thread below on “lawyers on twitter.”

lawyers on twitter - Twitter Search.jpg

Finally, as a lawyer, you should not follow only those in the legal profession. I mean really, how boring would that be. There are a number of great people on twitter talking about a wide range of topics and issues. You need to check them out. Once you start following people on twitter, you will see their tweets and you will see who they are talking too. Check those people out too. When you click on their twitter link, you will be taken to their own twitter home page. Just use the method I discussed above and see if they might be someone you would want to follow.

Once you start following people, some of those tweeters will follow you and “bam” the conversations will begin. You will start to interact and communicate with these people and it will grow from there. But don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed. And we will discuss this further in this series.

In the meantime, leave your comments and questions here. Lets keep the conversation going. Or if you would like, drop me an email at and we can discuss using twitter further as a lawyer and what it can do for you.

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