How to Use Twitter as a Lawyer — 7 Ways to Use Twitter Part 5

I often say Twitter = interacting & learning. And if you use Twitter in that way, it will be more of a benefit to you than an information overload or a waste of your time.

Twitter can be a waste of time. It can be a bad distraction and it can be overwhelming. But if you will take these 7 different ways of using Twitter, it will instead be a way for you to network and even market.

7 Ways to Use Twitter

  • Follow leaders in the legal field: There are hundreds of lawyers already using Twitter in their everyday practice. Some are using it to join in the conversation about current events. And yet some are using it to network. One key way you can use Twitter is to find those lawyers on Twitter who are perhaps leaders in a particular area of law you practice. Or someone who might be well connected even in the ABA who has an influence in your area of practice. By following these individuals, you will soon see what they are talking about and what they themselves are following. Many will even post on Twitter what they are reading and who they are talking too. What better way to find out what is happening and what the influencers are doing.
  • Do your own research: You can actually use Twitter as a research tool. One of the easiest and quickest ways to get an answer to a question is to post it on Twitter. (Keeping ethical considerations in mind). If you are following 250 other lawyers for example on Twitter, you have just asked your question to 250 possible answers. If you ask a question on Twitter, you will get some responses. I have seen people ask about what software to use and even what type of computer to buy. There are so many questions discussed on Twitter daily, it would be impossible to mention them here. Twitter can be a great source for answers.
  • Get breaking news as it happens: I follow two major news sources on Twitter. @APNews and @BreakingNewsOn. Both services provide up to the minute news updates. There are others who do the same. However, I find these two to provide me with what I need.
  • Follow trends in the industry: Just as you follow those leaders in your field, you can follow the trends in your field too. These same people you are following will be discussing new trends and ways of doing things. Don’t discuss this as a possible way of using Twitter.
  • Get noticed: You will get noticed on Twitter by joining in on the conversations, interacting and discussing the issues. Others in your field will notice you too. However, unless you have followers you will be talking to yourself. Start off by following a few of the others in your field. For others in the legal profession, 145 Lawyers ( and Legal Professionals) to Follow on Twitter is a great place to start. This is a great list and it even provides a brief description of the “tweeter”. Start off following some of them. Not all, just some. One of the quickest ways to not get people to follow you back is to have too many followings and not enough of those who are following you. Next, make sure you put you picture up as your avatar. People want to see your face. And if you have a Web site or blog of your own, make sure you provide a link in your profile.
  • Use it as a RSS reader: Twitter has become my number 2 RSS reader. Most of the people I follow on Twitter actually feed the RSS feed from their own blogs to Twitter. So each time they post a new post, it goes to Twitter and I see that tweet and usually will click on it to see what the post is about. I don’t do this for everyone I follow. And I do the same, I feed my RSS feed to Twitter for my blogs. Including this one.
  • Water cooler: This can be especially useful and beneficial for a solo or a person working from home. Sometimes we feel isolated and out of touch with the outside world. Twitter provides you with a very easy way to touch base quickly with someone and do a quick conversation. Interacting is one of the keys to Twitter and a way to not feel out of touch.
  • Those are some of the ways I use Twitter and are also ways you can use Twitter so it does not become an overwhelming, waste of your time. Remember, if Twitter is used right it is a great tool. If used wrong, it will take up way too much of your time.

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