Pippity Review – How to Increase Sign-Ups Without Annoying Your Visitors

On the one hand, you want more sign-ups to your email newsletter or for that special offer on your site. On the other hand, even though it’s generally agreed that popups can work very well for this, you don’t want to annoy your visitors. So the trade-off has always been you could grow your list [...]

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How to Filter your Popup with Pippity

With Pippity, you have fine-grained control of who sees your popup where and when.  Not familiar with Pippity and the powerful features built into this new marketing tool, you need to check it out here.  And if you did not already know, we are involved as partners in Pippity. The interface is quite easy to understand and [...]

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WooThemes Forks Jigoshop and they brag about it

WooThemes openly admits and celebrates the Forking of Jigoshop. Call me old fashion, but I have an issue with this. Where are the days of coming up with your own original ideas?  Taking the time, energy, blood, sweat and tears and actually building your own product. But of course, open source makes it so easy to [...]

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The Story Behind Headway’s SEO Features

There are more WordPress theme frameworks available now than ever before, and all of them are great. They each have something to offer that the others don’t. Diff’rent strokes, and all that. Where they tend to differ most is in how the user interface is set up and laid out and what options it gives [...]

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Headway Themes – What’s in a name

The name Headway Themes came about by using a Thesaurus and looking at things from a marketing point of view.  It really was as simple as that too. I would like to tell you we spent hours and thousands of dollars on marketing research and focus groups to come up with the name Headway Themes.  But, I [...]

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