Remember Your Blog is About What You’re Doing Offline

Guest post from: Dawud Miracle

Blogging is about many things. And one thing that certainly about is connecting with other people and building relationships.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re blogging for business, for hobby, for personal interests, a passionate topic or to make money — it’s likely your blogging because you want to communicate your thoughts, ideas, and believes with other people.

So we can say that the essence of blogging is a conversation. And just like in our daily life with friends, relatives, and acquaintances when we engage in conversations they naturally lead to relationships.

What’s fascinating is that these relationships can take out so many different forms. You can build relationships with prospects for your business, relationships with like-minded individuals in a topic in a passion about, and relationships with people who enjoy the same hobby. Some relationships will make you money while others develop into deep and long-lasting friendships. Yet often they find their beginning in the same place — your blog.

You see, people are always looking to connect with other, like-minded people. They want to share their loves and interests with people who have similar loves and interests. That’s what makes blogging — and online social media as a whole — such a powerful medium. How else can you connect with 500 other people in 18 states and across 16 countries from the comfort and privacy of your own home?

Yet one thing many bloggers don’t consider is that the relationships they’re building are much more than Tweets and comments. The relationships they’re building our with real people who have lives off-line as well is on. After all, people may engage online but they live off-line. As do we. We may spend a great deal of our time blogging, and Tweeting, updating our Facebook account, sharing our photos on Flickr and texting each other, but nearly everything we have to say or share comes from something we’ve done when we’ve been off-line.

Just think about it for a second. If you’re sharing business advice on your blog you’re doing most if not all of your business activities off of your blog. If your Tweeting about activity or something interesting is something you’re doing off-line. If you’re sharing photos or photos are taken off-line. And if you’re texting your friends about what you’re doing at the moment…well, you get the idea.

The thing to remember here is life is lived off line. What makes you interesting, passionate, engaging, knowledgeable and of value is the life you’ve lived off-line.

What your blog, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr provide is nearly channels for communication; channels for building relationships.

I seen so many people forget this point, spending too much time trying to create an online life that they can share online. But what’s most valuable to you, and to other people, in social media and in blogging is that you simply be you — just all of you. You off-line as well as you online.

This is easy if you can remember that you’re having conversations and building relationships with other people. The technology merely makes having these conversations and building relationships possible over distances. The technology doesn’t build the relationships anymore than the 2 x 4′s and bricks in your house build the relationships with your friends and neighbors. They simply provide a location to have conversation – just as you house does.

If you can use these tools with that in mind he will crack the secret of how to use them most effectively for your business or your personal needs. And you’ll see, approaching how you use the technology to reach out to another human being — sharing your off-line lives — will change both the value and the relationships and the value in the technology.

Happy blogging.

Dawud Miracle is a business strategist, social media guide and web designer who can help you find and leverage hidden profits in your business. You can find him at and

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