Love is the Answer to Kicking Your Blog in the Butt

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I want you to close your eyes…oh wait, hold on a second. That won’t work. Read this paragraph, THEN close your eyes…you’ll get the idea! I want you to close your eyes and imagine yourself running the business of your dreams. Imagine you’re making all the money you want. You have all the toys you want. You live where you want, work out of the office you want, keep the schedule you want. This is fun, no?

What are you spending your time doing? Be specific…Are you writing? Are you meeting with your team? Are you traveling and networking at conferences? Are you collaborating with others to produce new products or services? How do you spend the majority of your time?

Now, how is all this different than what you’re doing right now? In this dream scenario, do you love running your business? Are you happy, motivated and inspired?

Now here is final and most important question: Do you love what you’re doing…NOW? If not, then you should change something…NOW!

Love is essential. Don’t do stuff you hate to build your business. Don’t wait one more day to love what you’re doing. Why? Two huge reasons:

Reason One: If you don’t love what you’re doing, then you’re not going to have the energy or persistence to make it successful in the long run. I’m not saying you can’t experience short term gains, but in the long game it’s simply a necessity to do something you love. Running a business requires a lot of work, period.

Reason Two: If you don’t do the work, your business will fail. And it sucks when that happens!

The bottom line is that your business can be whatever you want it to be, so why make it something that you hate? We have to get good at this, because more and more of us are starting small businesses and using a blog and social media to ramp things up. This is really smart, but blogging and social media are just tools. They won’t make us successful. The success part has to come from us. But for many of us there’s something in the way of that happening.

We still have an underlying mentality that can (and usually does) come back to bite us.

The mentality so many of us have is that work is supposed to suck. Something about it intrinsically sucks and there’s nothing we can do about it. So as a result, when we build a business and it ends up sucking, we’re not surprised.

Be surprised, because it means something is wrong!

Running a Business is Not the Same as Working a Job

It’s true that some jobs out there are just rough, and most of us have worked those kind of jobs at some point. If you’re like me, you’ve worked a LOT of crappy jobs in your time. But running a business is fundamentally different. Believe it or not, it’s not supposed to be horrible!

Why do so many of us grind on day after day, doing things we hate? Because deep down, we believe we have to beat ourselves up in order to be successful. But this just isn’t true.

Running a business is not the same as having a job. You have to get results, but you don’t have to get them any certain way. You can use whatever (legal) means necessary to get the results you need. I humbly suggest you do things you’re good at doing and that are fun for you! It’s remarkable to me how often and quickly we allow ourselves to be lured away from things we love doing in favor of things we “have” to do.

Here are some examples of things you may be doing that you shouldn’t be doing. You hate them, but you do them anyway because you have been made to believe it’s mandatory:

  • Spinning articles and endlessly submitting them to article sites, so you can get back links.
  • Grinding out content for your blog that does not inspire you every day, because someone has convinced you it’s essential to post to your blog every day.
  • Commenting on blog posts that you don’t really care about, only because you want to leave a comment and hopefully get some traffic.
  • Checking your email every five minutes.
  • Allowing yourself to be convinced that the design of your site, or perhaps a particular plug-in configuration is key to your success as a blogger, so you work endlessly into the night trying to make your site “perfect”.

Ok, so I’ve picked a few examples of things that I personally have a distaste for doing :) The fact is that you may LOVE posting hundreds of articles to article sites or endlessly tweaking your site. Hey, if you love it, do it! I’m certainly not arguing that back links are a bad thing or that posting to your blog every day is a bad thing. They’re only bad if you hate doing them! I personally find article marketing to be mind-numbingly boring, so I’ve taken a radical approach…I don’t do it!

I also don’t post to my blog every day. I love writing, so I write daily, but I create info products, I do guest posts, I do other things. And I don’t stress about posting to my blog every day.

Would I get more love from Google by posting every single day? Most likely I would, yes. But consider two scenarios:

Scenario one

You HATE the work you do, but you’re getting good traffic from Google. You’ll probably burn out in a year or so, but Google is all that matters, so push onward, soldier. Hopefully it will all work out in the end.

Scenario two

You LOVE your work and can’t wait to get at it every day. You get OK traffic from Google. Not the best, but you get some. And you get a lot of love from many other sources as well. You may not be considered an A-lister, but you’re a full time blogger and internet marketer, your business is growing, and you love every minute of it!

Which would you prefer? I have opted for the latter, and I hope you do as well. This is what I’m getting at: all that matters is RESULTS. Don’t focus on anyone else’s recipe for success. Because anyone else’s recipe doesn’t take into account what you personally love and hate. We so often convince ourselves we have to do things that we really don’t have to do.

How to Increase the Love

Look at your daily work, and identify anything you’re doing that you find mind-numbingly boring, ineffective, sucky, uninspired, or otherwise un-cool. Be honest with yourself about WHY you’re doing those things. Maybe it’s time to quit!

Would you eat dog poo for $5M? I would, probably. I’d probably eat dog poo for $3M, but not much less than that :) So I’m not saying there is never a case to be made for doing something you hate! But look at the payoff. Are you doing something for 5 minutes or an hour for a specific payoff that you find worthwhile? Or are you spending hours, days, weeks or more…for an uncertain payoff, that may or may not even happen? See the difference?

When we’re honest with ourselves, most of us can find a number of things that fit into the “mind-numbingly boring, ineffective, sucky, uninspired, or otherwise un-cool” category. And we don’t have a good reason for keeping them as part of our lives.

Here’s the cool thing: there is an infinite number of ways to get the results you’re looking for, and doing what you love means that you’ll be able to be relentless in pursuing your goals. Grinding on day after day is a recipe for disaster, so any time you find yourself dreading the work you’re doing to build your business, quit doing it!

Here’s something to try: if the work you hate doing is so essential that it simply must be done, then hire someone else to do it. Can’t afford to hire someone else to do it? Then the work is clearly not as productive as you think it is!

You can build your blog through commenting, SEO, guest posting, social media, video, offering services, offering products, email marketing…the list goes on and on. Do what you love, and delegate the rest (or quit doing it altogether); love is the answer to kicking your blog in the butt…because love gives you limitless energy, excitement, inspiration and drive. That’s what it takes to succeed in any business, and blogging is no different.

Christian Russell is a full time blogger and internet marketer. You can find him at Next Level Blogger and Twitter.

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