Headway Themes – What’s in a name

The name Headway Themes came about by using a Thesaurus and looking at things from a marketing point of view.  It really was as simple as that too.

I would like to tell you we spent hours and thousands of dollars on marketing research and focus groups to come up with the name Headway Themes.  But, I can’t.

When you look at our early tagline, “Are you making Headway with your website?”, you can see the name worked well and continues too.

What we also strived to do was to own the keyword Headway.  And when you do a search in Google, we took what Michael Martine and his SEO advice has given us and run with that too.

We also needed an official twitter hashtag.  We originally started out using just #headway.  But, we soon discovered there was a group in the UK using #headway.  In fact, that group is involved in head injury and head trauma work.  We certainly did not want to encroach on that.  The logical next choice was #headwaywp.  Combining Headway with WordPress seemed like the best use of our brand.  Plus we wanted to make sure there was no doubt Headway was a WordPress theme/framework when we had conversations on twitter.

Having an official twitter hashtag is a very important key to making sure your brand has a prominent voice on twitter too. And you need to use that official twitter hashtag in every official company tweet too.  The Headway Team makes it a point to use #headwaywp when we are answering any questions on twitter.  Plus, we all follow the hashtag as a saved twitter search so we are aware of any mention of Headway.

As a brand, you have to keep up on the conversation taking place online.  Especially twitter.

Over the last two years we have seen two versions of the Headway website.  The original branding was simple and inexpensive for us to accomplish.  What you see now on the Headway site is new branding we arrived at for the release of Headway 2.0 which occurred last October.

And with the release of Headway 3.0 later this summer, you are going to see the same branding.  However, there will be some changes to the site design.  And as an FYI, Clay started planning and working on Headway 3.0 last December.  It is amazing just how long the developing stage of a product like Headway Themes takes.

Final thoughts

Again, I wish I could say the choice of the name Headway Themes was some stroke of genius.  Where we took weeks if not months to come up with.  However, it really was a simple process which had a lot to do with simply taking a gut feeling and running with it.

Sometimes we just need to run with our gut and stop over thinking things too.

Next time we will spend the time discussing how we built up to the launch of Headway Themes 1.0


About The Author
Grant Griffiths is founder of Blog For Profit and co-founder of Headway, the first Drag and Drop WordPress Theme Framework. You can follow Grant on twitter at @grantgriffiths
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