“Client loves his site and I love Headway Themes”

I received this from one of our Headway Themes user yesterday in our forums.  They gave me permission to reprint it here too.

Client loves his site and I love Headway Themes


I have just finished a client site using Headway 2.0.8. It is at Federal Workers Compensation Consultants.


I am new to Headway and WordPress so this project was a challenge in learning how to build a site using them both for the first time but thanks to the information here, on the the other users’ tutorial sites (thanks, everybody!), and some messing around, I got through it. I am loving the WordPress-Headway combination. For those who, like me, are new and maybe getting a bit frustrated learning to use this theme, don’t give up! You *can* do it. If you keep at it for a bit, you will get to where you want to be. Just don’t give up.


I started my project by messing around on my own future-but-unfinished site just to get the hang of things and after a few hours I felt adept enough at it to start the real work so I set up a development environment on my Windows XP computer using XAMMP. (Also available for Mac as MAMP)


I spent a few days working on the site until I felt it was ready to present it to the client for suggested edits and additions. But I didn’t know how to get it from my computer to the web. BackupBuddy to the rescue! I bought B.B. and, wow! It really is super simple to backup and move all the site files (intact) and restore them whole and in working order in just a few minutes. BackupBuddy is well worth the price.


The client loves his site, and I love Headway. Can’t wait to dig deeper into it. Thanks, Headway!



If you have any questions about Headway Themes the first Drag and Drop WordPress Theme and Framework, post them up in the comments here.  However, please no support questions.  We have an awesome Team and community ready to help you with that on the forums.  You can also follow the conversation about Headway Themes on twitter by keeping an eye on our official hashtag at #headwaywp

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