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4553F86C-922F-413E-AEDB-1AD43167DC1A.jpgBecky McCray from Small Biz Survival provided me with this great guest post on offline promotion of a blog with a “blog business card.” Just another example of doing more then search engine promotion of your blog.

By Becky McCray:

Does your blog have business cards? Why would it need them? Well, if you interact with potential customers in person or on paper, then business cards make sense.

Isn’t it enough to list your blog address on your regular card? No, because there is a difference between saying “We have a website” and saying “You can read our articles, reviews, and opinions online.” And it’s a completely different thing to say, “You can read our reviews and add your own comments here.”

So, separate from your traditional business cards, consider printing business cards for your blog. And invite people to participate in the conversation. It will be good for business.

This idea came to me via Twitter, from Steven E. Streight.

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