Allow Your Blog To Develop A “Rhythm” And Readers Will Follow

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By Reba Collins:

Have you ever noticed how good writing has a “rhythm”? How it draws you in and you start to move and flow along with the words becoming more and more a part of it? What about your blog? Does your blog have a “rhythm”?

How does a blog have a “rhythm”? Actually, it’s quite simple, authors of good blogs are able to write their posts on a regular and consistent basis while effortlessly staying on topic. Readers soon learn the blog’s “rhythm” and become part of it, feeling it, much like one becomes part of a song, moving to its beat while feeling its “rhythm”.

So let’s talk about what gives a blog “rhythm.” First, the blogger must stay on topic. Readers should always know what to expect but not so much that they can accurately predict the title of the next post. Readers should however be able to anticipate the general idea of what will come next. If a blog is about growing African orchids, posts should be about African orchids and everything that goes into growing them. Ever so often the author can add a “drum beat” by talking about himself or his life at that point in time. But for the most part, readers like blogs for what they can learn about the topic, not for what the author did that day unless it relates to the topic.

The next thing that contributes to a good “rhythm” is the cadence of the blog. If the blogger normally posts one time a week or five times a day, readers begin to expect posts at that rate. It’s just like when you listen to a song, you expect and anticipate the same number of beats in every measure. Once the “rhythm” of your blog has been set, do your best to stick to it and if you can’t, tell your readers about the upcoming change and why it’s occurring.

Lastly, but never overlooked by readers, is your blog’s “voice”. Once you start writing your blog, its voice will help set its “rhythm”. Are you witty when you write? Are you informative and issue a lot of “how-to” information? Are you funny? Do you tell stories? Staying consistent is key to setting the “rhythm” of your blog.

I once followed a personal blog of a New York City waiter called “Waiter Rant.” It was a fabulous blog about the daily life of a waiter who worked at an Italian restaurant in New York City. The blog no longer exists as I think the author got a book deal or something as the guy was a really good writer. Why did I follow a blog about a waiter’s life? For the same reason people read fiction, the author told a daily “story” and he was very good at it. It was my few minutes a day to relax with a wonderful story. The author drew me in with his stories and if the stories had stopped, and the posts became informative, I would have stopped reading the blog. His consistency was an important factor to keeping me as a reader.

So you want your blog to be a success? Just be sure to consider “what” you want to deliver, “how often” you want to deliver it, and “how” you want to say it, and then stick with it. Give your blog what it needs to develop its own “rhythm” and readers will follow. That being said, a guest post to change the “tempo” every now and again is a good thing too, just not too often.

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