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5 Ways Blogging is Like Getting a Tattoo

I recently got my second tattoo and in between bouts of cursing from the pain and wincing from the lack of $40 my wallet was now suffering, I got to thinking. Blogging is a lot like getting a tattoo. Now bear with me on this… You Should Never Start a Blog on an Impulse Blogs [...]

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The 3 Most Powerful Things You Can Do NOW To Get More Business in 2011

Here are 3 things (actually 5 things now, I added two more) you can do now, easily, for free, that will absolutely, positively, without a doubt, bring you more business in 2011… Once, Twice, Thrice Are you posting to your blog once per week? Do you want to grow twice as fast? The solution is [...]

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How To Make A Better First Impression With Your Blog Without An Expensive, Custom Blog Design

The advice in this post isn’t new advice, not new at all. In fact, you’ve probably read the following many times before: When a new visitor hits your site, you have just a few seconds before they form their first impressions of you and your business. That’s all you get. But what does that really [...]

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Looking to Grow Your Blog Traffic by Commenting on Other Blogs? You Don’t Get a Signature

Guest post from: Patrick O’Keefe One of the most common tips you will hear, when it comes to growing traffic for your blog, is to comment on other blogs that are similar in topic. Provided you add something useful within the comments and don’t inject links to your site, this is a good piece of [...]

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How Your Community Can Help You Write New Blog Posts

Guest post from: Patrick O’Keefe From time to time, everyone struggles to come up with new content for their blog. It’s totally normal. When this happens to you, one of the greatest resources that you can turn to is your community. They help. But, before we dive in – what (or where) is your community? [...]

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