What is Going on Over at FindLaw?

Lawyer, Lawyers, Attorney, Attorneys, Law, Legal Information - FindLaw.jpgThere has been a lot of talk the last few weeks about what has been going on over at FindLaw. While I have been reading and following the conversation on blogs and even twitter. I have not posted about it here.

I can tell you is this. We at G2 Web Media don’t charge for links on any of the blogs we design for clients. And neither does another great company, LexBlog. As Kevin from LexBlog mentioned recently in an email list thread, “the cost of a turnkey package which requires a lot of work… cost less than what FindLaw charges for links for just one month.” I am not going to get into a comparison of G2 Web Media and LexBlog’s prices. What I can tell you is that I have the utmost respect for Kevin and what he and his crew are doing over at LexBlog. And I will tell you, neither of us sell links. We don’t have to. A properly designed blog that is used by the client will get results without unethical web design practices. Nor gimmicks. If anyone is using gimmicks, it is FindLaw.

If there is anything that can be taken away from the recent events surrounding FindLaw it is this. Gaining quick results concerning PageRank is not the answer. Besides, too many times I have seen potential clients and even existing clients get way too caught up in chasing the numbers. You should not be measuring the return on your blogging investment by PageRank and other numbers. Nor should a company you are working with sell you a blog based on empty promises about “numbers.” If anything they should be providing you with the support and on-going training to have a successful blog marketing program.

Here are the links to various posts and articles which have been posted over the last couple of weeks.

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If you are still using FindLaw, better read this.

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Again, if you would like to discuss this or anything else about blogging, drop me an email at grant@g2webmedia.com I am always available to discuss blogging.

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