Using Your Blog to Build Your Business

I have posted about using a blog to market your business numerous times. Some of the post have been:

  • Blogging is more than just simply marketing
  • 12 ways a blog can benefit your business…
  • Blogging – Keep the conversation going
  • Does your company belong in the Blogosphere?
  • Five reasons to start a blog
  • What we talk about here on Blog for Profit is not how to monetize your blog with ads and other items where you make money from your readers clicking on a link. We are concerned with using your blog or a blog to build your business or service firm. Using a blog as a tool to market to your target or niche the products you are selling or the services you are providing. This is exactly what I was able to do with my professional service practice blog.

    I was pleased to see someone I very much respect add to the conversation on using a blog to promote or build your business recently. Dawud Miracle had a post just today called 5 ways you can use your blog to build your coaching practice. Dawud states that “a blog can become a powerful marketing tool for building any service-based business.”

    In his post he provides the 5 ways too:

  • Be seen as an expert – Publishing on a blog can very quickly establish your expertise. Your prospective clients want to work with an expert. You can easily display your expertise through the posts you write.
  • Engage in conversation – I say it all the time…conversation leads to relationships and relationships lead to business. Use your blog to create engaging conversations with your readers. Give them great value and they can’t help but want to come back.
  • Build relationships – Relationships are the absolute key to building a service-based business through social media. You don’t have to know a lot of people. Just know the people who you’re comfortable with and who know people who need what you offer. And remember, be the first to give in your relationships.
  • Convert your readers – Bloggers tend to not focus enough on conversion. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself. Ask your readers to buy something you’ve produced, to take a course you’re doing or to contact you for a consultation. Remember, not all, but many people are reading your content for the advise you’re giving. Some will want to pay you for more of it.
  • Have a plan – It’s very important to know how you want people to move through your business. When someone contacts you, what do you do next? What do you offer them? And if they’re interested in what you do, how do you close the sale?
  • And he goes on to say something I try to get our clients to understand. Don’t get overwhelmed by the details. I usually tell them to not over-think things. Blogging is just one of the great tools you have available to you to promote and market your business or service firm. What I find is many spend too much time thinking about blogging and not doing it. Some will spend so much time thinking about it and not using a blog to build business, they actual miss out.

    If there are only two things in the above 5 ways you remember it should be these. Engage in the conversation and build relationships. If you keep those two things in mind, all of the other benefits of blogging will come to be.

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