Patti Spencer of Spencer Fiduciary Services, LLC — Q&A on Blogging

G2WebMedia and Lexblog client Patti Spencer provided the following email exchange to LexBlog about why she is using a blog as a major element in her educational based marketing plan. This is a great email interview by Lexblog and it gets to the heart of why a blog is a great tool to use to provide information to your potential clients.

Here is the exchange and why Patti is using a number of blogs to market and promote her law firm.

Why did you decide to start a blog?

In 2008 I created, with the help of Legal Expert Connections, Inc., a new marketing plan for Spencer Law Firm. We created a new website and began implementing action steps to market my services as an expert witness in trusts and estates matters as well as raise awareness about our core businesses of estate planning and trust and estate administration.’In the course of learning about law firm marketing, I discovered blogging.’I read lots about it and was most impressed with the information available and the blogs created by LexBlog. I decided to give it a try, figuring it was a great adjunct to my education-based marketing and would give me the opportunity to reach my target audience.

What have you learned about blogging that you didn’t foresee?

I have found that most readers do not look at older posts. It seems they read what you put up today, and if they like it, may subscribe to your feed, but the prior posts don’t get much attention.’ Prior posts are indexed by search engines and that helps bring traffic to your blog, but I am disappointed that so much great information is not accessed by readers.

What has been most rewarding about blogging? What has been most challenging?

Like any teaching, you have to really know your stuff to help others. Regular blog posts keep me on my toes and up to date with the latest developments in my field. It can be challenging to post something important, interesting, accurate and readable.’

What has the response been to your blog from clients, other lawyers, or anyone else?

I have received many favorable comments about my blog. Most importantly, I have made contacts with clients and other attorneys who have retained me to be an expert witness in fiduciary matters.’

Do you feel blogging gives you an advantage over other lawyers with a similar practice who do not blog?

Blogging dramatically increases my firm’s visibility on the web and this is a definite advantage.’ It also is a very cost-effective way of distributing new information and keeping my name ‘top of mind’ in the target audience. Law practice is changing. Lavishly appointed brick and mortar offices with layers of staff are struggling. The information exchange and relations built on the internet are becoming the backbone of the business.’Blogging is an excellent way to be a leader in that evolution.

Source for Post Real Lawyers :: Have Blogs.

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