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You have published your professional service firm’s blog and you want to know how to get it noticed. I actually get questions about that often. Blogging takes work and a time commitment. You can’t just throw up a blog and expect it to work. You have done that with your Yellow Page ads and you have done that with your static Web site. A blog takes effort. However the return on your investment (ROI) will be worth all your efforts.

What I am about to provide is of no secret to anyone. This is what we do as bloggers and you should try as many as you can.

If you will remember from my previous post, we discussed a little bit about F.L.E.E. and what it means to blogging and the conversation. Blogging is a conversation between you and your readers. And remember your readers can be your target market or niche. Your readers might just be others who are marketing to the same target or niche you are marketing. And your readers may already be customers or clients of yours.

The first and most important way to get your blog noticed is to provide your readers with good, no lets say great, relevant, up-to-date, well written content. If you don’t have good content, even if you get readers, you most likely will not keep them. Remember what I said in a previous POST? You should try to post at a minimum of three times a week. Especially in the beginning of your blogging efforts. (I will discuss in a future post on where to find content).

Next, you need to do what I call leverage that content. And this is where F.L.E.E. comes in as far as I am concerned. You can also use F.L.E.E. to find that good, relevant content for your blog. But that is for another post. You need to go out and find other discussions or conversations taking place in the blog world in your niche. Use Google for starters.

Find the conversations, read the other post. You are going to find them by looking for them. Use Google. Search out keywords in your niche. Use Google Blog Search to find blogs in your niche.

You next need to listen to the conversations going on out there. You have already started doing this by finding the conversations. But finding and listening go further. You have to listen to the conversations on a regular basis so you know what the hot topic is in your niche. And listening to the conversation will let you know what those “opinion shapers” and “thought leaders” in your niche or target are talking about. However, I want you to listen to these conversations in a big way. And that means you can’t just bookmark a few blogs and visit them when you have time. In my humble opinion, you have to use a good RSS reader. You can not listen to the number of good conversations going on out there in the blog world by simple bookmarking some of the blogs you like. And to handle the volume of content out there, a RSS reader is the best tool. I listen to conversations in different niches I am interested in. I get a huge number of feeds a day. Do I read each feed, god no. What I do do is scan the titles of the feeds that come in and if a title catches my eye, I read more. Does this cause you to think a bit about a couple of things. Well it should.

First, are your titles to your blog’s post important? You tell me. Most of those who listen to a large number of conversations going on, scan titles. If your title doesn’t catch my eye, I will miss that well written, relevant post you just spend an hour doing. Don’t overlook the importance of the post title. Spend some time on it and it will pay off. The title of your post will get you noticed. Good titles will cause you to notice other blogs and post. And your good titles will get you noticed.

Read the comments taking place on these other blogs. And comment on the blogs you are reading. Leaving a good, well thought out comment that actually adds to the conversation will get you noticed. And best of all, it will get you noticed not only by the blog you are commenting on, but the others who are commenting will notice you too. Engaging in the conversations by commenting on other blogs is an important element of blogging. Not only should you comment on other blog post, you need to take the conversation on your own blog even further. When people comment on your blog, send them an email thanking them for the comment. If they provide a URL to their own blog, visit it. And comment on their blog. If other bloggers engage you by commenting or linking to you, visit them. And if they do a post linking to you, make sure you leave a comment thanking them and carry on with the conversation.

Of course you are saying, “but wait, I need to get noticed before I will get links.” Yes, that is true. But if you are providing that good content we discussed above, you will get noticed. In the beginning it won’t be a lot perhaps. However, you need to take advantage of the attention you are getting. I have been blogging for over three years and I almost always visit a commenters blog and I certainly go visit a link coming back to me. You want others to do this to you, so you have to do that for them.

Engaging in the conversation, next to great content on your blog, will get you noticed more than anything. And one of the other ways to engage in the conversations going on is to take a post from another blog in your niche and “create a post to answer another post.”

You are going to read an article or blog post from someone else and you are going to feel you have something to add. This is a great way to keep the conversation going. Your blog post should link back to this other blogger because it will accomplish four things mentioned by Blogging Tips.

  1. It creates new content for your blog.
  2. It gives a fellow blogger a valuable link.
  3. It gets the attention of the other blogger that you are writing a response.
  4. It gives others the opportunity to join in and keep the conversation going.

This is just three parts of F.L.E.E. The last part is also for a future blog post. However, I hope you will take these points and ideas and run with them. Will it involve some work. Yes, it will. But, as I have mentioned, the ROI from this work will be great. Not only will you get noticed and see your readership increase. You will actually be better informed in your own target or niche.

I will have more on getting noticed for you soon. Other specific things you can do such as submitting your blog to directories. Until then…

If you have any questions please drop me an email at I am always available and willing to discuss blogging with you if you would like.

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