A Blog is More than Just a Blog These Days

Blog design has come a long way since the first Blogger blog and some of the first Typepad and WordPress designs. Blogs no longer have to take on the form of just a blog. WIth some of the recent designs coming out, we can see where you can get the best of both worlds. You can have what appears to be a “static” Web site and have the advantages of a blog with the continuance updates you can post.

Law Office of Joe Dane

Two recent projects we finished at G2 Web Media shown here, provide good examples of some of the features you can do with a blog.

Clay Center Covenant Church

Today you can truly use a blog as a major communication tool. And a way to really reach out and provide as much information as you want to those you are targeting. No longer are you limited to providing information in written word only. More and more bloggers are taking advantage of using Podcast and videos on their blogs. And using a blog as a way to gather information is also being taken advantaged of by many.

Blogging is so much more than the journal it was originally designed for. It has become a key ingredient used by businesses to build relationships with their readers. There is absolutely no reason why you and your blog cannot become the go-to place for all the information, in whatever form or fashion your readers are wanting.

And no longer are you limited to the point where you have to be satisfied with a boring static website. There are better ways available to you where you can be more proactive with your web presence.

Drop me an email at grant@g2webmedia.com if you would like to discuss further what a blog can do for you and your business or professional service firm. I am always glad to spend some time discussing blogging.

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Grant Griffiths is founder of Blog For Profit and co-founder of Headway, the first Drag and Drop WordPress Theme Framework. You can follow Grant on twitter at @grantgriffiths
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