Building a Successful Blog — Part 11 — The Launch

iStock_000000591505XSmall.jpgOver the last few weeks, we have been discussing building a solid foundation upon which you will be building a successful blog. During that time we have discussed:

The Launch

You have spent the last few weeks getting your blog designed. And hopefully, you have been doing all those things we have been talking about in this series on how to get noticed now, even before we get to this point. What I don’t want is for you to be launching your new blog in the dark like the rocket is being launched in the photo above. Sure, it starts off with a bright light glowing from the massive rockets thrusting it out of this world. But after the initial launch and after the glow of the rocket’s engines vanish, what’s left. Nothing but a memory of the launch and nothing else. We want to make sure we continue to capture our target audience’s attention, during and after the launch. (And we will be covering some of those items in future post).

Not launching in the dark is also key to you not giving up before you really get started. Too many times I see brand new bloggers give up and for no good reason. Most if not all of these new bloggers are launching in the dark. Not doing or forgetting to do what they need to do to get their new blog off the ground with a bang. What is even worse about them giving up is the fact they are blaming everyone else for their blogging failures instead of looking in the mirror and realizing the true reason. It is their lack of proper launch planning, launch effort and continued fueling of the blog which is the real cause. It is the person looking back at them from the mirror.

And yes, we are assuming a lot here in this post about “The Launch”. We are assuming you designed a great blog and included all those critical components we have talked about in Critical components (Part 1) and Critical components (Part 2). We are assuming you are doing all those things necessary for your blog’s SEO. And just as important, you have been doing all those things to get noticed before the launch. If you have not been doing those things, don’t launch your new blog and do all of those things now. Your blog is going to fail if you don’t.

However, if you have been doing those things necessary to build a successful blog, we can now move on to doing those things we need to do to have a successful launch of our blogs.

What do I need to do to have a successful launch of my blog?

  • Social Media: You have been using twitter if you have been listening to me at all. Now is the time to start taking it a step further. Now you need to use those tools which will feed your blog’s RSS to twitter. That way every time you post a new post, it is fed to all of those people who are following you on twitter. I have to say, twitter has actually become one of my top traffic sources. Even more than Google. Why, because I use twitter just as I am suggesting you do.Don’t forget to set up your Facebook account so you are also feeding your blog’s RSS to your friends on Facebook too. I do and I get traffic from it. You should also take advantage of the ability to set up a Fan Page and a Group in Facebook for your new blog. Neither takes a lot of effort and you will see a benefit too.

    Most if not all of what you do with social media and your blog can be automated if you want. But, remember this one huge warning, don’t just feed your RSS to social media. It is even more important to your social media experience for you to participate in the conversations going on at twitter and Facebook. If you only feed your RSS to twitter, you will be the only one reading it. If you don’t participate in the conversation and contribute to it, it won’t be long before all that effort you did earlier will be for not. Get involved and stay involved.

  • Networking: If you don’t ask, how do you expect to get help with the launch of your blog. Your fellow bloggers and those you have been networking with can’t read your mind. When it is time to launch your new blog, tell the world. And tell those bloggers you have developed a relationship with during the time we have been building the foundation of your blog. If you have been doing it right and giving before you expect to receive, the bloggers and others on social media you have been networking with will be more than happy to help.Send emails, send tweets and leave comments on blogs. Send instant messages, do chats and pick up the phone and call some too. Tell everyone you can that you are launching your new blog and would appreciate any help with the announcement they might be able to give. However, remember to return the favor if you are ever asked to do the same.
  • Post, post, post and post more: When you launch your new blog, make sure you have a minimum of 4 post up before it goes live. And if you are really wanting to get noticed, post every day for the first month. Post good, up-to-date, relevant content targeted to your niche, audience or market and you will have a good launch. Don’t expect a successful launch if you are not willing to take the time and make the effort to post as often as you can. And if you have been doing proper pre-launch planning during the foundation building process, you should already have a number of post “in the can” ready to post over time.

Don’t sit on your hands and just expect it to be successful

You are going to have to put some serious effort into your blog’s launch. Don’t just expect it to happen on its own. If you have been doing all those things we have discussed in previous post in the Building a Successful Blog series and the three items above, your launch will be successful.

And there are other activities you can do, what are they? Leave your comments to this post with those activities you would suggest or you have done to make your blog’s launch a success. Lets keep the conversation going!!

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Grant Griffiths is founder of Blog For Profit and co-founder of Headway, the first Drag and Drop WordPress Theme Framework. You can follow Grant on twitter at @grantgriffiths
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