Don’t go broke before you even get started

These are hard times for doing business. For both starters and owners. It doesn’t matter whether online or offline. So many things to plan and so many things to fulfill in order to stand out from the crowd and make your idea become a successful business. And it’s so easy to get caught up in buying all the cool stuff and going broke…

I just finished watching the final of the launching videos of “The Video Boss”. It’s awesome and really something I want to learn. But there’s a problem. The price.

Unless you have a wealthy backgroung (I don’t) and don’t have to think about what you spend your money on, you really need to consider the purchases  you make for your business.

Not only the purchase of that one product you have your eyes on. There are also thousands of membership sites, information products, plugins, programs, themes and other bells and whistles you can spend your money on. But do you need them all? And do you need them right now?

When you’re new to blogging, you might easily get overwhelmed by the mass of products being reputed to be useful. And you might easily get ensnared, too.

Do keep a clear head!

You can go broke even before you really start your business, quicker than pushing the purchase button. Some things you should think about:

  • Do I need this?
  • How can I benefit from it NOW?
  • Am I really willing to use this as I might be instructed to?

If not, what’s the point of purchasing the product in question?

Oh and

  • Do I have all my bills paid?
  • Do I have the money left now AND for the ongoing months? (monthly fees for software, membership sites, etc.)

These are just a few questions I ask myself when I feel entraped. I would rather have something to eat than access to a program I cannot tap the full potential of.

Though there are really good and useful products available right now.  But don’t go broke before you even get started. It’s just not worth it!

What is your tactic of not being misleaded? Do you have to hold yourself back from purchasing courses, information products or membership sites? I really want to encourage you to share your opinion and experiences here, because I believe there are many bloggers that might have the same problem as you.

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