Today is Valentine’s Day, and you might wonder what the heck that has to do with blogging, never mind blogging for profit.

Dock.jpgPatience, Butterfly, I am about to tell you.

Let’s start by reading this article.

What we have here is a portrait of a small business,, founded by a few math geeks, trying to compete with dating site behemoths, in the form of,, and If you watch TV at all, You’ve seen the eHarmony ads.  I can’t imagine what their advertising budget is, although it’s certainly in the multi-millions.

So how is a little guy to compete? By blogging, that’s how.

As the Times article notes: “OkCupid publishes the entertaining and potentially useful results of its number-crunching on a blog that has recently turned into a big source of publicity for the company, pulling in new members.”

And continues:

In its fight against much bigger competitors like, PlentyOfFish and eHarmony, it has tried a number of marketing techniques, often with little success. But the blog, which OkCupid started in October, has helped get the company’s name out on other blogs and social networks. A post last month that set out to debunk conventional wisdom about profile pictures brought more than 750,000 visitors to the site and garnered 10,000 new member sign-ups, according to the company.

Ten thousand new members for one blog post.

If you’re competing with bigger firms or businesses, do you think there is a message for you, here?

I don’t know that you’re going to get 10,000 new clients or customers, but for many firms or businesses, you don’t want or need that. If blogging brings you a few new clients or customers each year (depending on how much each client or customer is worth to your firm or business, in terms of revenue), that could be plenty.

There’s some blog love for you on Valentine’s Day.

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