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B2B116A2-2F45-4DA3-8B85-B0C168DC7A21.jpgI don’t often do a post where I tell you to go out and read a series on another blog. However, Remarkablogger is running a great series I don’t want any of our readers to miss.

Michael Martine is writing about “blog writing” and the first one is “no more rambling brain splats.”

The others in the series are as follows:

  • Tuesday: Quit Qualifying Your Words and Just Say it Already
  • Wednesday: Don’t Get Mad, Get Persuasive
  • Thursday Audio: Separate Fact from Fiction in Your Blog Writing
  • Friday Video: Simple doesn’t mean Stupid, or, How to Write So Anyone Can Understand You
  • Don’t miss any of them. Knowing Michael and the quality of his post, audio and videos, this is going to be one of those series of post you are going to want to bookmark and refer back to often.

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