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images.jpegKevin O’Keefe recently had a great post which provided the results of a recent question and answer done by David Peralty, Head of Marketing at Splashpress Media, when they asks readers at The Blog Herald if it’s important to have a powerful, beautiful or striking blog design when presenting what he describes as the ‘whole package’ in blogging.

The responses from readers were striking. Professional blog design was viewed as a necessity, especially when blogging as a professional.

  • Since the reader needs to be convinced to subscribe your blog, design is a very important matter. Looking at it from the readers point of view, ‘If you had to choose between two mobile phones with exactly the same features with one being stylish and the other looking like the work of an amateur – which would you choose?’ Design is added value with the result being more than the sum of its parts – design supports content and the other way round.
  • If it is meant for commercial purpose, graphics play a big role.
  • Though I may read blog posts in a newsreader, I need to come to the blog to subscribe, where if it looks good, I subscribe.
  • Design matters to me when I read blogs. I generally read posts in my feed reader, but for two exceptions, one being to click through and read the posts directly on sites with great designs.
  • As a designer, there’s no way I’d tell you design doesn’t matter. Think of it this way: A car’s purpose is to take you somewhere. But would you buy a rusted old car instead of a shiny new Prius?
  • Think of it from a reader’s perspective. If I click on your blog and am put off by the overall look and feel of your site, I won’t return or subscribe. Content rules, yes, especially for your RSS readers, but design is like the PR guy who’s trying to get you to visit.
  • It’s like judging a book by its cover. It could be either crap or a wonderful story inside, but if the cover doesn’t catch my attention, I’m not going to pick it up in the first place. When I’m flipping through random sites or clicking through links of links of links…..I skim right by those that don’t look great. I have to actually force myself to skim through text on blogs, for example, that are hosted on Blogger and use one of the default templates…and still have the random default spots unfilled like ‘put links here’ and ‘This is your about me section,’ etc.
  • I just spent about $5,000 to upgrade’s interface and move to Movable type – one of the best investments I’ve done! Traffic is up and more!
  • The user experience is primarily made up of four factors: branding, usability, functionality andcontent. Independently, none of these factors make for a positive user experience; however, together, these factors are the main ingredients for the blog’s success.

I have always been on the position that it is important for a business, any business to have a blog that is professionally designed. Your web presence is important to you and you should look your best when visitors come to your blog. First impressions are important. You don’t want your readers questioning your professionalism due to an design that does not present well.

Source for Post Real Lawyers :: Have Blogs.

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