Is Blogging About Relationships too?

Dawud Miracle had a very thought provoking post the other day called, “Business is About Relationships, Isn’t It?”.

Business is about relationships. Relationships are about people. So it should be obvious that people do business with people, not businesses.

What, we are suppose to be concerned about relationships? I thought all we had to worry about was making money. Kidding of course. Dawud’s post reminded me also about the fact we sometimes focus on talking about target audience and niche markets too much. What we really need to be focusing on is people. And the relationships we should be having with those people.

In the recent series I started, and in Part 1, I ask you to consider for a moment, “who are you blogging to?”. And we further discuss the type of visitors we get to our blogs. And the one visitor we want is the one which will not only grow our blog traffic ,they will grow our business. That visitor is the reader.

The reader is the one we can grow that relationship with through our blogging efforts. The readers are what make up the “people” in Dawud’s post.

[ ] successful businesses have something in common – people; people buying their products and services. It’s people who make the decision to buy. It’s people who use what we sell. It’s people who give us valuable feedback on how to do it better. And we shouldn’t forget that it’s people who are our best marketers.

Let me take creative license with Dawud’s post for a moment:

Readers are what successful bloggers have in common. Readers are the ones who end up buying our products and take advantage of our services. It is the reader who makes the decision to buy. It is the reader who uses what we well. It is the reader who gives us valuable feedback on how to do what we do better.

It is the reader who we should be carrying on a conversation with too. It is the reader you should be blogging to. If we take what we can learn from Dawud Miracle’s post about relationships in business and apply the same theory to our blogging, we will see an increase in our visitors, known as readers. And in turn, those relationships may just blossom into business relationships too.

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