Inserting a Photo or an Image in a Blog Post

Inserting a photo or an image in a blog post is a great way to make the blog easy on the eye and a pleasure to read. You can also use images to enhance your message by associating and image with the theme of your post. Here is a quick lesson on inserting a photo or image into a blog post using WordPress.

Starting in the Write Post screen


As always when working with a new blog post, you will be in the "Write Post" screen of your WordPress Dashboard. (1) You will want to have your cursor in the general area where you want to add the image. (2) You will want to click on the "Add an Image" icon, as indicated by the red arrow above.

The Add an Image Popup Screen


Once you click on the "Add an Image" icon you will be provided with the screen above. It is with this screen you will insert a photo or image into your blog post.

1. Click on the Choose files to upload. You will be taken to a window where you will choose the image from your computer, select and the image will brought to this window.

2. If you want a caption to be included with the photo or image, can type that in the Caption area.

3. You can than choose what alignment you want for your image. You can pick none, left, center or right.

4. Finally, click the Insert into Post button and the image will be inserted into your blog post.

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