Guy Kawasaki is wrong: You can make money directly with a blog for your business.

Blog.jpgRecently Guy Kawasaki interviewed Darren Rowse, publisher of Problogger. While I found Darren’s interview refreshing and direct. I have to take exception to a statement made by Guy in the very first paragraph of his interview.

For most small businesees, making money directly from the blog is unrealistic…

I have to disagree and I think Guy Kawasaki is wrong in making such a statement. And I firmly believe he does a disservice to those business considering a blog as a marketing tool by making such a statement.

Monetizing a blog with ads and other items is not the only way to make money with a blog. Providing a paid for membership site on the blog and charging for an e-Zine is also not the only way to make money directly from a blog. Business can actually make money from a blog.

Darren mentions 8 items that are a benefit of blogging to a blogger. And I and others have mentioned them numerous times too. They are:

  • Establish brand and expertise
  • Give your business and employees a voice
  • Extend your marketing beyond a local area
  • Create loyalty and conversation with customers
  • Establish trust and build relationship
  • Level the search-engine playing field
  • Provide market research
  • Provide low-cost PR
  • All great benefits of blogging for a business. And they all can lead to making money for your business too. Blogging, if done right on a consistent basis. Where you provide relevant, up to date content to your readers. And maintain the blog and keep it up to date, will bring you direct income too. When I was working full time in my professional service firm, a law firm, I used a blog as my only print, Internet and targeted marketing. I made it a point to provide up-to-date, relevant content. I made it a point to engage my readers. And I encouraged them to get in the conversation about the topic. By doing that, and by taking advantage of all of the items listed above, I was able to get potential clients to contact me directly to hire my firm to handle their needs.

    True, I was not receiving a check from Google Adsense or some other affiliate marketing firm. But, I was receiving fees as a direct result of my blogging efforts.

    Don’t discount the impact you can have on your firm, home business, or small business’ bottom line by using a blog to market your business.

    I am available to visit anytime about blogging. Drop me an email at and we can set up a time to talk.

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