Blog Design and Marketing – Should you have your blog done by a professional?

images.jpegThe Blog Studio had an interesting post this morning about the role of design in marketing.

If marketing is a conversation, then design is incredibly important. Here’s why:

In a “real” conversation, there is a huge amount of information being exchanged. The words we speak play only a small percentage in the total exchange.

Think about it. In a face to face conversation, you take in information based on the speaker’s physical appearance.

Think of the difference it would make to the effectiveness of your message if YOU were delivering it to your prospect or client vs some generic spokesperson reading your lines.

Should a company or professional service firm be looking to someone to design and implement a professionally designed marketing blog? If you appearance is important, yes. If you are concerned about your image, yes. If you want your readers to enjoy their visit and come back, yes. If you want to present your business as professional, yes.

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