5 Ways Blogging is Like Getting a Tattoo

I recently got my second tattoo and in between bouts of cursing from the pain and wincing from the lack of $40 my wallet was now suffering, I got to thinking. Blogging is a lot like getting a tattoo. Now bear with me on this…

You Should Never Start a Blog on an Impulse

Blogs aren’t impulsive endeavors. Successful blogs take the patience to sit down and plan out. Similar to contemplating a tattoo, you really need to decide what you want from your blog. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself while you think about it:

  • Does thinking about your blog make you want to go, “Hell YES!“?
  • Do you know how to maintain a blog?
  • Do you know what goals you want your blog to achieve?
  • Do you have money to put into your blog?
  • Do you have time to put into your blog?

All of these questions could also be used when deciding whether or not to get a tattoo.

No Two Blogs are Alike

With the exception of that guy from The Hangover and Mike Tyson, no two tattoos are alike. Similarly, no two blogs are exactly alike. Each blog has its own personality and style as crafted by the blogger behind it.

Blogs Are a Representation of You

Your blog, like a tattoo, represents you and what you determine to be valuable. Proper planning makes all the difference when it comes down to looking like a professional or like Amy Winehouse. You should always strive to make your blog the best representation of you that you can.

Blogs Are Mostly Permanent

Unless you actively delete your blog and go off the grid, it will pretty much always be on the internet in some way, shape, or form. And it will be tied to your name. Also, like a tattoo, blogs are costly to get rid of. Whereas tattoo removal is expensive, selling a blog can take up large amounts of your time before you can get a “fresh” start.

There is Always Room for More

There is always room for more tattoos. Just think about the people covered from head to toe in them. And just like those people, there is always room for growth in blogging. Whether you’re offering a new product or service or coaching the younger generation into succession, new targets are always presenting themselves.

Do you have any tattoos? Also, what makes your blog unique?

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