28 Days to Build a Successful Blog

Toolbelt.jpgWith all of the questions I received from our ongoing series on Building a Successful Blog, I thought it might be time to give some specific tools or ideas on how to build a successful blog. And the last post in the series, The Launch really caught fire with some. Now that we have done the launch, how are we going to build our successful blog?

In an effort to make sure all of our readers who have been using this series are successful in building their blogs, I decided to take the month of February and do a 28 day series. Not only will I do a post each day, I want this to be a group writing project too.

Additionally, since I want all of us to have continued access to this series, I will be putting each of my post and those written by you at 28 Days to Build a Successful Blog.

Here are the details of 28 days:

Blog For Profit Post

Over the next 28 days, starting with February 1, 2009, I will be posting tips and some how-to’s to help you build your successful blog. They will for the most part be a lot shorter than those in the Building a Successful Blog series. I want them to be hard hitting items you can take right away, use and kick your blog in the butt. And, they will each include “homework” for you to do.

The post will cover a wide range of items, including but not limited to, posting, getting traffic, getting noticed, social media, guest posting, etc…

My goal in this series is for you to take away from it each day a task you can actually pull off and use to improve your blog. Some of what we are going to write about are going to be basic enough for beginners to do. But they will also be things even an experienced blogger can do to kick start their blog if it might be lagging behind.

To keep yourself up to date with this series, make sure you subscribe to Blog For Profit’s RSS Feed or to our Email Updates.

Our Readers Post

I also want as many of you who can to provide your own post for the series. Do a new post for your own blog and use our submission form to submit the information we will need so we can include it in our series. You post your post on your own blog and give us the following information on our form:

  • Blog post title
  • URL of your tip post
  • Your own name
  • Email address (which will not be published, we need this to get in touch with you if your link is broke or something else)

We will only be accepting new posts, not ones you have posted previously and please use our submission form to let me know about the post so it can be included. We will post a list of the blog tips you write at least twice a week over the next month. You do not have to give us a link back or even mention our 28 Day Series. But you are welcome to if you want.

The only other requirement is your post can be on any topic which is relevant to helping other businesses or firms who are using their blogs to promote and market their business or firm. The theme is to improve their new blogs or kick start one which is lagging.

And, if you want to do more than one post as part of our series, please do. But please limit it to only one per day.

Remember to keep yourself up to date with what is going on with this series. Make sure you subscribe to Blog For Profit’s RSS Feed or to our Email Updates.

Get Involved and Make this Your Series

I know some of you may not have the time or want to actually write a post to fit into the series. And that is quite all right. However I want you to be part of the project and make it your own.

Here are few ways you too can get involved:

  • Submit a quick blogging tip in a comment on this post. Later in the month, I will compile them into a compilation of blogging tips.
  • Ask a question that you would like someone to write about in the comments below for this post.
  • Read each post in this series, do the homework and let us know how you applied it and if it helped in the comments on the post you used.
  • Keep the conversation going and comment here on the post in the series and on the post written by the other bloggers we feature as part of the series.

The Series To This Point

If you want to keep up with what is happening so far in the series than visit 28 Days to Build a Successful Blog as we will post updates to our post and our readers post as we get them.

Remember to keep yourself up to date with what is going on with this series. Make sure you subscribe to Blog For Profit’s RSS Feed or to our Email Updates.

And thanks to Problogger for the idea to do this series. He ran one sometime back over a 31 day period.

About The Author
Grant Griffiths is founder of Blog For Profit and co-founder of Headway, the first Drag and Drop WordPress Theme Framework. You can follow Grant on twitter at @grantgriffiths
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