Beginner Blogger – Using the Kitchen Sink in WordPress

I wanted to give you one more quick WordPress tutorial today before we get into some of the other questions which have been asked.  We have some meaty topics coming and a good one tomorrow.  But, before we talk about posting to your blog, I wanted to make sure you knew how to use the tools available inside WordPress.

This tutorial covers the extended toolbar inside your WordPress Dashboard.

The Add New Post and Add New Page areas provide you with the default tool bar. Included at the far end of the tool bar is what is called the “Kitchen Sink” and this button provides you with many more options for formating your blog post.

Default Tool Bar


You will be in the Add New Post screen where you should be drafting your blog post. As you can see from this image, the tool bar is limited on what it provides. However, clicking on the button indicated, will provide you with those features included in the Kitchen Sink.

The Extended Tool Bar


As you can see, the extended tool bar provided by the Kitchen Sink button provides you with many more tools you can use for formating your blog post. We will go over some of these in addition tutorials. (As a side note, if I had my choice, this feature would be visible without the “kitchen sink” button being clicked)

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