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Matt Fox is a marketer and a salesperson. If you want to become more persuasive, reduce resistance and, increase conversion you can read more at Persuasion Theory or follow him on Twitter @PersuasionFox.

Marketing Is Hard

Blogging is easy, isn’t it? At its most fundamental point you’re writing on a subject with which you have some basic knowledge. Isn’t that the most basic description of blogging? You can, of course, spend time with the many technical details of your website but writing content is what blogging is all about. However, being [...]

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5 Reasons To Build An Email List

Email marketing is one of those touchy subjects. Some love it. Others fear it or don’t understand it. Some recent conversations on Twitter say it’s dying or (fill in with new technology of the day) is an email killer. When I hear these statements I know this means it is a marketing method that will [...]

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The Disney Experience

I’m writing this on Sunday, July 17, 2010. Exactly 55 years after Disneyland opened its doors to the general public. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. What they promise and deliver go beyond almost every other business out there, not just in the amusement park business. It’s a learning experience every business owner [...]

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Because, It Just Makes Sense

As humans, we go about our day constructing our reality. We think we’re logical in our choices but not really. Consider these common behaviors. We have coffee because it wakes us up. We react a certain way to our kids because they make us react that way. We drive the speed limit because we don’t [...]

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