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Monetizing Your Website

Skimlinks has released a “Ways to Monetize Your Website” infographic that is really comprehensive. Open publication – Free publishing – More blogging

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How to get your blog up and running quick

Seven easy steps to start blogging now One of the best business marketing tools is a blog.  Needless to say, blogging has been a major part of my business and marketing plan since 2005.   In February 2005, I started blogging to promote and market my professional service firm.  And what still amazes me, it [...]

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Monetizing Online Forums – The Right Way

I have known Patrick O’Keefe for sometime now.  In fact, I still have his book, Managing Online Forums on my bookself.  If there is one person who knows more than anyone on the subject, that person is Patrick. Forums have been around since cave carving too.  Seriously, when we look at social media, what form of social [...]

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Don’t keep tinkering with your blog design

I am all for redesigning and working on your blog design and layout.  However, where too many go wrong is they just can’t stop tinkering with things. One mistake I see bloggers make is not letting their new design or layout sit for a few days.  Give your readers a chance to see it for a while. [...]

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What is the Internet?

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine today and we were discussing the Internet.We do that too often as that is what geeks do. The conversation turned to a question one might ask someone in a job interview. Can you diagram the Internet?  What is the Internet to you? Here was my answer. I am [...]

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