Join Our Advance Discount List and Save Up to 50% On All of Our New Stuff

We want to get what we are doing into your hands as quickly and affordably as possible.

To do this, we have created this Advance Discount List to let you pre-order new stuff at a huge discount

Here is how it will work:

  • As we are getting ready to finish up a product, basically when it is in beta stage, we will offer it to our Advance Discount List for a very limited time (usually no more then 3 days or so) at a huge discount of at least 50%.
  • As a member of the Advance Discount List, you get access to the beta version, and we get tons of valuable feedback and input on how to make the product even better before it is officially launched.
  • When we do release it, you get full access to the released version and everyone else gets it at full price.

You win, we win and that is how it is suppose to work

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Yes, this is another list. But this one is special. You only get notified when we are working on a new product and about to release it in beta. And yes, even if you are on one of our mailing list, you need to be on this one too. We only announce the Advance Discounts here. This is so we can keep things straight in our own small brains.