Who is Grant Griffiths?

In February of 2005 my first blog was born. This blog was used to market and promote my business. Soon blogging became my only form of written advertising because of its reach and effectiveness. What I also discovered was blogging is one of the most powerful marketing tools available for the small business, home business and professional service firm. In fact, I am so sold on the effectiveness of blogging, it is the reason I am co-founder of G2WebMedia.

I also now publish this blog and another blog who’s focus is on providing information to those who work from a home office, called Home Office Warrior. And I am co-founder of Headway Themes, a Premium WordPress Framework.

Prior to starting my first blog, much time was spent researching what the heck blogging really was. There were a few blogs out there about blogging. Many of them focused on monetizing a blog with ads and pay-for-links. My idea was different – How to use a blog to promote professional service firms.

Why I started Blog for Profit

The primary reason I started Blog for Profit (BFP) was to teach you how to use your blog as an attraction tool to generate profit. How? By having it serve as a powerful promotion and marketing tool for your business or firm. That’s why you won’t see us only focus on suggesting ways to put ads or “text link ads” on your blog. Our focus remains on blogging as a communication tool which you can use to build a relationship with your target audience, turn them into regular readers and then into life-long consumers of your goods or services.

We will be spending some time discussing some of the ways you can use blogging as a income producing tool.  More on that to come soon as we develop that particular “niche” on BFP

One indicator of a successful blog is the author’s ability to generate conversation with its audience. And that is why I will always encourage comments and even emails to me asking questions about blogging. My favorite line, “lets keep the conversation going,” and I mean it. Never feel like you can’t leave a comment on this blog. And in an effort to provide some guidelines on our commenting policy, I am including a link to our Comment Policy.

Blogging Brings Benefits

If you do a blog the right way and post on a consistent basis, you will soon get noticed. And one of the benefits, getting noticed by publishers of mainstream media and authors of books. You might very well land an interview or two. A few places you may see my name:

  • Regional newspapers as the Kansas City Star
  • National magazines such as Success
  • Interviewed and mentioned in David Meerman Scott’s runaway best seller The New Rules of Marketing & PR
  • Mentioned in the top seller Tuned In by Craig Stull, Phil Myers & David Meerman Scott

Moral of that little story, blogging will get you noticed. Don’t overlook the possibilities and say, “it couldn’t happen to me.” I live out in the middle of farm fields and pastures in Kansas. If I can get noticed because of my blogging, so can you. You can check out more of the benefits of blogging by visiting the Press Room.

Disclosures and Relationships

While this blog is not meant to be a source of information on how you can make money from blogging by putting up ads and monetizing your own blog, I will have Sponsors and Suggested Resources on this blog. These are products and/or providers I know very well and some I have used myself. In addition, I will from time to time try other advertising on this blog. After all it is mine and one of the suggestions you will see from me from time to time is to add income streams to your business. That is exactly what I do, too.

In an effort to give you full disclosure, the follow are sponsors or resources I do make money from.

  • G2WebMedia — You will see a 125×125 banner ad in the side column for G2. I am co-owner of this company and I make money not by you clicking on that banner. But by you hiring us to do your blog design for you. However, I am always glad to discuss blogging with anyone with no obligation at all.
  • Headway Themes — You will also see me promote Headway on this site too.  I am the co-founder of Headway.
  • Suggested Resources — Some of the resources I suggest allow me to have an affiliate link to their site. What this means to you and to me, if you happen to purchase one of these resources, I will make an affiliate commission.
  • Suggested Books — Almost every book I suggest on Blog for Profit will have an affiliate link to my Amazon Affiliate account. If you buy the book after clicking on my link, I will make a whopping 4 to 5%. The money I make there goes into my Amazon account and I use it to purchase my own reading material.

If I put a product, book, or resource on Blog for Profit, you can be assured I have checked them out and not only like the product. I also trust who is providing it.

There you have it. In an effort to be completely transparent and open with you, I wanted to provide you with the above disclosure. Now go buy all the stuff you can on Blog for Profit, I have children in college.

Don’t Forget to Subscribe

We tend to post often here on Blog for Profit. You should take a second and use one of our subscription methods to get our updates. You can either get our updates via our RSS Feed or by Email. The choice is really up to you.

In addition to our regular post and feeds for Blog for Profit, you can also subscribe to our newsletter. The newsletter will contain items not on Blog for Profit and it will recap some of the more popular posts, too. I even encourage you to send a copy to anyone you think might benefit from reading it.

Final Thoughts

If there is ever a topic you would like to see me post about or if you have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at grant@g2webmedia.com. I always enjoy hearing from our readers and enjoy building relationships through the conversations we develop here. And thanks for reading Blog for Profit.

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