I Dare You To Ask Your Clients or Customers To Follow You On Twiter –– Day 24 of Twitter Tips and Hints

Hiding.jpgOne of the dumbest statements I hear business and/or professional services firms say is that they don’t want their clients or customers following them on twitter. Huh!?! Do you communicate with your clients and/or customers when they come into your business or offices? Do you talk to them when you see them walking down the street or when you are both at a school function for our children? Good god, I hope you do.

The most common excuse I hear from these businesses or professional service firms is that they don’t want these clients and/or customers to read what they post on twitter. And I am sure you don’t want these same clients and/or customers observing you act like a complete jerk or idiot at a cocktail party either.

Use Twitter as a Business and Marketing Tool

First of all, if you are a business or professional firm, you should be using twitter as a business tool. You should be curtailing your conversations on twitter the same way you would be conducting yourself when you are in your office or business. Simply put, behave yourself.

Go to where your customers and/or clients are

The internet has completely changed the way we do business and interact with our clients or customers. The internet has not only made the world, our country, and states smaller. It has made our own towns and cities smaller. Your clients or customers are using the internet to find products and services. They are wanting to use the internet to communicate with you and find out about you. They are using the internet as a means to build a relationship not only with friends and family, but with businesses and other professionals in their lives.

If this is where your potential and current clients and customers are going, shouldn’t you be there too. Don’t use the excuse you don’t want your customers or clients to know what you are tweeting on twitter as a reason to stay off of twitter.

Get over your bad self

You should be inviting everyone to follow you on twitter. Put you twitter ID in your email signature. Put your twitter ID on your blog too. Give your potential and current clients or customers every opportunity to find you and follow you. Give them every chance to get to know you and to see that you are a great source of information which provides them with the answers to their questions or problems. Give them every opportunity to find out you are not afraid to carry on a conversation with them where they are at, the internet.

Still not convinced?

Even if you don’t put yourself out there and follow clients or customers on twitter. And even if you don’t encourage them to follow you. If they Google your name, your tweets are going to show up in a Google search. Why not be proactive and follow and encourage your clients to follow you.

Disagree? Leave your comments to this post and let’s keep this conversation going. Oh and BTW, you can follow me on twitter at @GrantGriffiths.

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