28 Days to Build a Successful Blog

This is the home page for our series, 28 Days to Build a Successful Blog which we are running in connection with our series, Building a Successful Blog.

Why 28 Days to Build a Successful Blog

We wanted to make sure everyone who has been reading our Building a Successful Blog series has all of the tools necessary to make sure they are building a successful blog. And I felt we had reached a point in the series where many were asking one main questions; “this is all well and good, how do I take what we have read so far and actually have a successful blog?” I am hoping over the next 28 days between my post and those of our readers, everyone will be well on their way to having a successful blog.

28 Days is made up of two main parts, my post and those of our readers.

What you see below is a list of those post from Blog For Profit and those of our readers. To keep yourself up to date with this series, make sure you subscribe to Blog For Profit’s RSS Feed or to our Email Updates.

I encourage all of you to participate with your own tip by following the steps outlined in this post.

Blog For Profit Post So Far

Day 1 — Go out and Comment on Another Blog or Two or Three

Day 2 — Send a Thank You to a Commentator

Day 3 — Search out Two New Blogs in Your Niche

Day 4 — Link to Another Blogger’s Post

Day 5 — Connect with Another Blogger

Day 6 — Pay Attention to Your Blog Post Titles

Day 7 — Get Subscribers By Asking For Them

Day 8 — Start Using an Editorial Calendar and Plan Your Blog Post

Day 9 — Don’t Overlook Your About Page

Day 10 — Don’t Forget to Use Internal Links in Your Post

Day 11 –  Should I link to a Competitor? Yes…

Day 12 — Reply to Comments On Your Blog

Day 13 — Create a Twitter Landing Page

Day 14 — Claim Your Blog on Technorati

Day 15 — Send a Thank You Email to a Blogger Who Linked to You

Day 16 — Give Your Readers a Post on How They Can use your Blog More

Day 17 –  Created Themed Pages to Push Your Readers Deeper

Day 18 — Should You Actually Be Blogging?

Day 19 — Do a Guest Post For a Fellow Blogger

Day 20 — Always Know What You Are Going to Post About

Day 21 — Give Your Blog a Once Over…

Day 22 — Give Your Readers a Way to Contact You

Day 23 — Get Comments on Your Blog

Day 24 — Use Your Blog’s Stats for More Than Just Numbers

Day 25 — If Your Blog is Brand New, SEO is not the Only Answer

Day 26 — Are You Hiding The Links in Your Blog Post?

Day 27 — Do Some Spring Cleaning

Day 28 — Do a Post Series on Your Blog